Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mod Podge Shoes & epic fail.

Ok this has been on my to-do list since I saw it about a year ago here.

I love the idea and I have wanted to try it but just didn't have faith. Well I found me a pair of shoes on clearance and said "what the hay"  What will I really be out if I ruin them?


Ok so here is my fab fabric:
Look I live in

I love  

So this is like the perfect shoe!! LOL
Ok, so if I like these, I want to do a few hundred more because who can afford these?
I love them, but seriously? Last time I spent money like that on anything I wore.....UM NEVER!!
I used to get skechers shoes when I was in high school but still not MY money!

My budget squeeks like a field mouse! Plus I am cheap!!

So I followed the tutorial pretty close, it was up on my screen the whole time!!
This is my version of the shoes. Well one shoe, because I am so disappointed that I'm not even bothering with the second one!

The material didn't take well it's almost translucent in a way.
Plus the huge bubble which was smooth when I did it.

It's not smooth at all. It has a paten leather feel.

Yes the modpodge is still wet. I was touching up a place.
(why I bothered I'm not sure! LOL)

Looks lame to me.

Gotta love the blob that formed and yes that is dry.

So for me this was a crafting fail. I love the idea and I am sure hundreds of people make them and they are FAB! So I encourage anyone to still try this for sure I thnk they turn out way cute when SOMEONE ELSE does it!! LOL I think I don't have the patience to wait and do it like it's supossed to be. I made a mess beyond reason and I made it look like POO! So now ya'll can let me know who has an etsy shop with these in them so I can go buy a pair!!!! LOL


Have a great day Ay!

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  1. Thank you for your honesty!
    I bet if you'd taken some "deceptive" pictures, everybody would have loved the outcome, but I think the fact that you chose to lay it all bare totally rocks!
    Love the fabric, though.

  2. lol! nice try...I've done craft projects that just don't work out, too. sometimes, it happens...

  3. Modge podged shoes?? I love this! What a great way to reinvent a boring pair of shoes.

    Nailpolish, btw, also works wonders:


  4. I just read the other comments and have to add that I think the main problem was the fabric. Maybe try again with a solid color? Ooh, or a pattern like your blog background! :)

  5. I must say that I love how you were honest about your project not turning out so well..This is how MINE would turn

  6. I think you did a great job for the first time!