Sunday, August 1, 2010

No More Lonely Socks

SO how many of us have had the multiple missing sock delima?

Well here is a creative idea that is a quick crafty fix to those lonely single socks. My son couldn't wait to get his hands on it to play!


I have stuffed 2 plastic bags in the sock and placed a hair tie around it.
(a simple rubberband would work just fine)

 Then take the open end and fold it over the round ball. I then took another band and grabbed the top of the sock.


Then cut straight lines down towards the band. You will have little loops then cut the loops and you have a fringy hat!! Draw a cute face or put wiggly eyes on and POOF! Cute little cold weather heads. If you want to let the kids play with them you may want to add a couple of stitches around the hat band so it stays down.

These would be cute to stuff some potporri in or to even give some facial embellishments like eylashes or a bearded santa.

I used what I had to work with I am a little limited in space and craft supplies right now. I need to run to storage and gather some goodies!!