Saturday, February 19, 2011

Polaroid Your Pic

HAVE you heard about this site?

This is so much fun!

When you download it  you get this way cute camera on your desktop and then you can put any picture in it and then you get to watch it develop. Yes develop, just like a real polaroid!! How cool is that?

These are the developed pics I drug to it!!


Gotta try it SERIOUSLY!!

Friday Failure....

This week I am focusing on getting the legal paperwork typed up to
make my son's last name official. It's supposed to be Flowers.
It's currently Armstrong, very very very LONG story!!

One thing I keep learning the hard way.....LISTEN TO YOUR MOM!!

Had I just listened 7 yrs ago in the hospital, I wouldn't have needed to do this name change drama.
Yes Mother, I admit in front of all of blogland you were right! I should have listened.
And yes now you have proof!!

ANYWHOO.. I went and spent several hours at the local courthouse writing out the legal forms of someone who went to the courts and changed their name themself. Without  a high (overlyhigh) priced lawyer.
It's gonna be short and sweet I know I just NEED to get-r-done!!

I had the papers typed up for a while but then I didn't have the $60 dollar filing fee then the local judge changed, So now I need to change the name on the papers and guess what.... I have NO CLUE where the originals are saved digitally. Oh yeppie me!! I get to retype.

So that is my weekend adventure because I will be getting this done ASAP. Hopefully for my birthday present. I have some crafty things I want to acomplish but I feel guilty diving into those when this is weighing on me and my house looks like the dishwash blew up and spit everything out on the counter!
 ( I don't own a dishwasher)
Laundry needs done badly!! The ferrett cage needs a deep cleanin, and my son is not underfoot this weekend because he is with my MOMMA. So seriously how do I justify playing when so much work needs done? Couldn't just one of you justify it for me? PLEEESE?

This will encourage me to get this "work" done and then...

Think of me till then.