Saturday, August 27, 2011

Photo Addiction...

I LOVE taking pictures and I love playing with things to make them look artsy.

I found Kelsey:
Kelsey Inspired

Yeah she didn't help with my addiction to play and edit pictures! Thanks, Thanks alot!!(wink)

My real addiction..

It's an App. for any smart phone and it's FREE!! My favorite cost!!

I just take pics with all the different options because they all turn out SOOOO cool!!
 I love Love LOVE IT!

Seriously this is just a cake donut on a plate.
This is what the app icon looks like.

Here are some other pics i was taking obsessivly with it:

My Beautiful Baby!


This is a statute at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center.
I love the clouds!!

I just love the options that this gives you and it looks so cool!

This is just my basic picture taking skills. LOL

Let me know if you know of some other places I would swoon over!!