Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cast a spell in this...

So what could I possible make with a beaded
 "cheesy" Christmas tree ($.50 @ Dollar Tree)
And a round placemat?

Well I cut the placemat down a bit and added some ModPodge to the beaded trees because they were losing beads all over the place.


I hot glued the cone to the hat and,
 oh yeah,
I ran some wire through the edge so I could shape the brim a little.
 Then presto change O!!


So what do you think? I wanted to do a little more embellishing
but I din't have it at home so it will have to do for now.

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PS. I know I go long periods between posts sometimes, usually weekend to weekend. But I am a working Momma and have a 6 yr old in Soccer. It's kinda crazy here ya'll!!! Bear with me I promise to get better!!