Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pin Stripe

I needed somewhere to store all my buttons. I picked up this awesome (but too small to wear) cloth like belt. I was thinking super awesome strap for a purse but this idea came sooner. SO...............  Photobucket

I took the belt buckle and lifted it up and pulled the buckle off and placed it back in the opposite direction.
Photobucket Photobucket
So you notice the little knob is up or to the right with the belt slid in the other way, you just go ahead and push it back  or to the left  to lock the belt in place.


Attach favorite buttons and you go from this: Photobucket
To this: Photobucket

I did go ahead and remove the flippy thingy with the teeth so I could hang it with the hole that was already on it, at the top. I am also going to do something sweet to the buckle so It gives it the BANG it needs!

Hope you like it, let me know......