Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Well folks it has been a topic of discussion again....

I don't have a confirmation date but I know it's next year.
End of August beginning of September-ISH.

I said we are setting this in stone no bailing out, we always have an excuse or something so now I am starting the process and I will be creating for a more than a year. I have a budget of $0 so it's using whatever money I have in my pockets when i see something I just have to have. I will be making most everything by hand.

I am getting my dress from e-bay for a smidgin of the cost it would be at David's Bridal and I will get it tweeked before the wedding. My mom is a seamstress and she could never make it for what I can get it for.

Yes with the RED!! Yay!! I am so beyond excited. I already have lists started.

So I will let you know the details as we go along.
We got engaged on 2/4/2004 so this has been a long time coming!!

Please share any do it yourself links or ideas you have with me. I am a melting pot of ideas right now.
The more the merrier!!