Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Serving ~ Fry Bread easy Substitute

Here is another, late by a day Saturday Serving.

Who out there LOVES fry bread?
I am a huge fan!

Our family usually takes the long route and bakes a batch of bread in the bread maker then rips off parts and deep fries them then smothers them in syrup and butter. What is your favorite way to eat it?

As you may know there are hundreds of thousands of ways to have it.

I had a hankerin' for it the other day and I did not have the ingredients for it so I just tried a little somethin'.
I must say the result is of course not the same as the mouthwatering goodness of the real thing, but it fed my need in the moment.

Just pop open a can of biscuits

Fry them up in a bit of oil. You need to keep smashing them down so they don't rise.

Smother with butter and syrup. 

I found this cool little deal when I was looking around for stuff.

Wouldn't this be awesome to have fried bread on a stick and dip it in syrup!!!

Here is a yummy recipie if your so inclied as well.

XOXO ~ Nikki

Idea to my Followers

I am so addicted to everyones linky parties.

I always go look even when I don't link up. But most of the time I try to link up.
So I was starting to think I may try my own linky on tuesdays. I would call it.

Tute'n Tuesday

You know to encourage those to link with tutorials. I of course am not going to demand it, but I figure if I promote it for the tutorials I may get a good following. I know I'm not all famous in blog land quite yet but
I am beyond grateful for my 42 followers.
And some of you are famous in your own right.

So I was thinkin..............

Maybe if you all like my idea you could let me know if I should follow through.