Sunday, October 17, 2010

A bit disappointed today.

So I was all stoked to post my new printable I made in Scrapbook Max because I am in LOVE with this program. Plus it was an awesome way to support Breast Cancer Awareness this month. I wanted to share it with everyone and I just knew everyone would love them too. I guess I was wrong. It's my own fault that I hyped myself up for this big fanfare but I was just so excited, now I feel dissed by blog land. How pathetic I know. Well I am trying not to hold a grudge but I have lost my gusto for a few days to say the least. I will be back and in full force but for now I have to get over my "bad date"

I'm not as broken as some of my graphics are but I just really liked them. I hope everyone has a great day and can enjoy their week.


 I will be back in full force this next week. I have worked on some magnets and I am making my own cakestand for a christmas present. Thanks for the idea Sunny, check her out if you haven't. She rocks the blog land in three fold!!