Sunday, November 7, 2010

Christmas Cookie Tray

SO I saw this way cute idea over at Life in Rehab.

Thanks again Sunny for being my inspiration. I hope for once my mother doesn't come visit my blog because she will have her "Christmasy Christmas present" ruined. Every year from ages ago when I was little I started a tradition of giving my Momma a present early.
Now my son does it.

Ain't she perrty?

It's because I knew how much she loved Christmas and when little, the cool stuff that catches your eye in a store are the ones that aren't out all year. So I wanted to get her something neat for Christmas but obviously I wanted her to use it before Christmas. So began the ritual.
This year I made her a Cookie/Cake Stand that I saw Sunny make here. 

So here begins my madness:

Required materials all bought from Dollar Tree.

Goop around the base of each of the bowls to make them stand.

Fill with Christmas frillies.

It can be pretty tall because you will add the other bowl on top.

Various angles of view so you can see what I did.

Goop the edge of one bowl and place other bowl on top very carefully.
After it's all dry you can just use your fingernail to scrape the excess off.

Now position the plate on top where you like it.

I used a Dry Erase marker to mark roughly where I needed to position it.
Then it wipes right off and I'm not smearing goop all over the bottom while trying to find the right location.



I could have a better picture but you get the idea!!

Let me know what you think!!


P.S. Off for a drive up the Northfork, I will post pics later tonight!!

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