Sunday, January 2, 2011

Follow-up Jaiden's Room Wall Mural

Well it took me a few days but I finally got the room done.

I took the pages and cut them to fit and taped them together. Seem easy? It is but tedious!!

So I got them together all good as can be. I think my next step will be to cut them all out like I did the mushroom and modpodge on wood. But untl I have some spare cash to fetch me some wood.....
good enough for now!!

He can't truely decide what he wants his room so he gets all his faves!!

These are really cute and would be way awesome on a board or...
oooohhhh instant idea!! Make a huge mushroom shaped headboard and put these guys on it!!
hee hee!

I really like them all cut out but...I'm done for today!!

I'm thinking of trying the modpodge on canvas with this one.

Kind of a centerpiece for his room!!

He just told me he wants some "bad guys" too!
Don't guess he gets how little wall space is in his room.