Sunday, March 20, 2011

DIY Snack Wraps

I have been seeing these cute reusable sanck wraps.
And I want them!! So what is a girl to do?

I wanted to make some but couldn't find what I thought would be good "material"
I knew I needed something that is wipeable/washable. Not necessarily laundry worthy but just dip it in the kitchen sink ya know? So my first thought was a table cloth well most of those have that soft fuzzy stuff on the back side so I didn't want that, unless I could find a doublesided tablecloth. Well no luck in that dept.

Wrap-n-Mat is what I am fashioning mine after. Not that they all don't seem the same. LOL

Large Pouches :

Staying with the WRAP-N-MAT standard, our re-usable Pouch opens flat to clean and serves as a placemat. Easy to clean, just hand wash or top rack dishwasher safe. Air dry.

Pouch sized wraps are approx. 15" x 16.5" when opened flat, 7" x 7.5" when closed. Holds the amount equal to a typical sandwich baggie.

So I found a neat lookin shower curtain. Hummm you question? Well it's made from 100% PEVA

Here is the low down I found on it if your interested:

According to the Healthy Building Network, PEVA is polyethylene vinyl acetate and is a plastic and a vinyl. In fact there are several types of vinyl - ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), polyvinyl acetate (PVA) and polyvinyl butyral (PVB) on top of both PEVA and PVC. We already know that PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride and the Healthy Building Network further breaks down why PVC is so toxic. The C stands for chloride or chlorine and that is what is responsible for the harmful dioxins that PVC emits. So can we then assume that since there is no C in PEVA that it is non-toxic? The Healthy Building Network again: Absence of chlorine alone does not make these other vinyls the final answer in the search for green polymers. There are still plenty of toxic challenges and untested chemicals in the life cycle of any petrochemical product. As is the case with most other polymers competing with PVC, however, the weight of available evidence indicates that the absence of chlorine in the formula will generally render the lifecycle environmental health impacts of PVB and the other vinyls less harmful than PVC and initial study is bearing this out.
And the Center for Health, Environmental and Justice points to a study on EVA, and other PVC alternatives (PDF), that states that “…EVA does not require phthalate additives to achieve flexibility…” Phthalates, as you’ll recall are the other culprits in PVC that leads to its toxicity. EVA has also been touted as an alternative to PVC for use in children’s toys including teething rings and PEVA has also found its way into sandwich wraps.

Now if your like me I just want to get to it and make one already.
Here is the curtain I am using:
A ton of people are asking... I got it at Wal-Mart!!

I cut the curtain in several pieces.

Fold each corner in about 4 1/2 inches and cut off.
Then I attach a piece of velcro.

Here ya have it the final product.

Last night I made some circle ones. I think these work better
but are a tad harder to cut out.

I do feel I need to personalize it don't you?

Have fun making yours!!


  1. Very clever! Such a great more snack-size plastic bags to buy and toss!

  2. oh my goodness, what an excellent idea! I love it and think I need to make one immediately. Where did you buy the PEVA curtain? Totally interested!

  3. I saw these at the grocery for the first time today, and I was smitten! I may have to make my own, too!! Thanks for the info!

  4. THANK YOU for being so conscientious and including the info on PVCS and phthalates. So many people are trying hard to be green and make the baggies but jump right into non-food safe vinyls. I love this idea and glad you found a food-safe alternative. Hope you'll share where you bought it!

  5. What a smart idea! And so cute! I found your post at Eisy Morgan.

    The...Late, Young Family

  6. What a great idea and to make your own with the shower curtain, awesome! THanks for linking up at my party:)

  7. Such a good idea. I need something like this to carry my toast in the car as I get sick of buying aluminium foil just to throw it away. I don't thing vinyl products are labelled in the UK though as to whether they contain PVC...

  8. I would never have thought of using a shower curtain! They are very cute!

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  11. This is PERFECT for my new linky party, Foodie Friday. Anything we can showcase that is environmentally friendly AND helps to keep food fresh is a big plus in my book!!

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  12. Clever Girl! and I love the shower curtain!

  13. Great find on the shower curtain. Visiting from Punkin Seed's Party.

  14. so, here'e my big question... have you tried having a 5 year old use it yet?

  15. Great idea! I keep meaning to make reusable snack wraps!

  16. Green, easy and cute. It doesn't get much better. Thanks for sharing on Motivated Monday at BeColorful

  17. How creative!!! Good thinking on the shower curtain material by the way! :) Thanks for sharing on Fancy This Fridays! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  18. so cute Nikki! I love that it opens out to be a placemat.

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  20. Brilliant idea! Now I am off to find a shower curtain! Thanks for linking up to Upcycled Awesome.

  21. Wow! I'm totally impressed- that's so cool!!

  22. Nikki, this was just an awesome post. I enjoyed it a ton. So useful, and I would love to give it a try. I;ve seen these kinds of bags before, and wanted one, but making my own just seems so much more practical.

    I loved it so much I FEATURED you, I know I'm late letting you know, but I hope it still puts a smile on your face.

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  23. How did you attach the velcro? sew?