Tuesday, December 28, 2010

DIY Wall Mural REDO!!


Ok so I found this super, awesome, mega-fabulous site, yes I have done this post previously.
But now my son's room is in the tune of Mario Bros. So I just NEED to do more right?

There are even curtains!! Woo Hoo!!

You can create your very own wall collage from any picture.

Yes I said ANY picture.


Select you image (can't be over 1 megabyte)
If you mess with it you can get it positioned just like you'd want it.
You can adjust your width. I changed mine to 3 across.

It then gives you a link to download it.

It's in pdf format. And I did this to show you what it is.

I will have twelve 8 1/2 x 11 sheets to make the wall mural.

I could frame them and have it look like the pic of my son down below or

I can just tack them all together and go with it.
(that is my option)

I will post pics of his room tomorrow to share.

This was totally FREE!!!

!!!!!!!!Think of the possibilities!!!!!!!!

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