Saturday, May 14, 2011

Feature Blogger ~ Suzy's Artsy Craftsy Sitcom

I found this wonderful lady's site because like most of you I am a LINKY freak!!
I wanted one of those convenient pages that has all the linky parties listed...
Yeah my patience is NOT that long nor is my attention span.

I found Suzy!!YAY

She has a linky of linkies! OMG!!

Her Linky Party Library page is a daily hit for me.
I link up to all those listed there. it's an amazing collection anyone who has any sort of linky should link up cuz this is a seriously helpful tool!!

She also has some Way cool tutorials.
 I have wanted to try both of these for a LONG LONG time!
This year they will be happening.

Feature Friday- Paintbrush Santa Ornament Tutorial

Feature Friday- Popsicle Bracelets!

I think her blog is way cute and fun it's festive and bright. I love the whole thing!!

So stop by her Sitcom & show her some love and use her blog wisely it's
 an amazing tool that can help in crazy ways. LOL