Saturday, November 27, 2010

Trivet & Coaster Printables

I am sure you have all seen the cute stuff to Mod Podge.
I created these little dudes to print and put on coasters and a trivet.

I will be giving some as presents and such so those of my family who have read this... SORRY.
I blew the surprise!!

I wanted to share with YOU!

I created them in Scrapbook Max of course. With a download from Just so Scrappy.
I UBER LOVE her stuff!!

I am having an issue however. I am an idiot when it comes to laying things out. I made it the correct size in Scrapbook Max and if I print it in the program it's the right size. But when I publish it to my pictures it makes it WAY bigger. So I am going to load the huge sizes for you all and I hope you know how to make them the appropriate size you would like.
At least this way they are frameable. LOL

This one I am making into a trivet for the kitchen.
Christmas means it's time for my favorite word!

This one is just simple but cute.

Ok I think I may have managed the coaster event on this sheet. Let me know ok?

I also made this super sweet frame to send to my Granny. If anyone would like one let me know and
I will e-mail it to you or send me a pic and I can put it in there and e-mail it back.

Happy Crafting!!