Saturday, October 2, 2010

I need some help from my fellow Bloggers.

Ok so I am full on into making these magnets with the glass orbs.

I am addicted to them! I love them!
 I want all the holidays!

Plus I wanted to share them with you!

Well our local Dollar Tree carries the little gems,


Do you see the problem?
Well I thought they looked a little too bluish-green in the store but then was thinking maybe if I had them seperated they may be clear.

Notice the label?

Yeah not so much!!

Perfect for Mr. Bumblebee!
( don't ask it's a Transformers phase)

So I'm asking if any of my fellow blogers could be so kind as to purchase me a few bags of these at their local Dollar Tree and mail them to me?

I am willing to send you a Monogram or any other cute idea you'd like me to. I could even send you the money if you'd like.

I just need the larger CLEAR
(not just what the label says either) legit clear gems.

So? do I have any takers? Oh PLEASE!!!!! I beg you!! I have a major craft bazzar coming in November and I really need to get these done!


I would really appreciate it!!


e-mail me!