Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Up-Sized a Cute Kids Outfit.

So I was shopping in the clearance section of K-mart yesterday.
I always see way cute outfits for girls that are like size 10.

Number 1... I am by no means a size 10 women's let alone a kid.
Number 2... Where are the big girl versions? So unfair!!

SO I took matters into my own hands.

Here is the outfit I totally died over!!



Did I mention that I really really want this?
Well I just so happened to have a spare black skirt I never wear and I needed just a skoash more material.

Well I chopped off the t-shirt & vest  part.

Then I cute the front and back of the skirt apart and spliced in two chunks of black on each side.

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Ok so I am a size 18/20. Yes I know I could do something about that.
Blah blah blah I hear it everyday in my head!! LOL

But I really think it turned out quite nice for a first run at ever re-doing anything.

I need to get more pics but I was in a hurry this morning trying to finish it up before work today.

Tute'n Tuesday

This linky is for all those who want to hype their tutorials. I won't delete you if there isn't a tute, but I am really wanting this to be the place we can share what we are making and make it easy for someone else to make it too. I am totally new to this so it may be rough the first few times. I am hoping to get an awesome following so share this with everyone!!

Everything is welcome but tutorials are a PLUS!



So do any of you know who this is?

If you said 30 Seconds to Mars...

Well they are currently number one on my playlist and if you do happpen to know much about them, their fans are totally important to them. The fans are called the Echelon.

Well I had the amazing opportunity to meet them last year in Denver. I also decide that I was going to make them each something to give them if I ever got to go see them again.

I have started necklaces that have their symbols and the title of their recent album on them.

These are their symbols and they represent the words Thirty - Seconds- To- Mars.

Their album cover:
Then I modpodged it on a Majhong Tile and left it double sided so they could wear either side.

The Dragon is  for  Jared. Because there is no tile with a J or his b-day.
The S is for Shannon obviously his name.
The 3 is for Tomo because he was born on the 3rd.

The other side will look like this:

This was my first try so it's not the pristine version I will give them. LOL

But yes I WILL give them to them....Someday.

Let me know how I did!!