Monday, May 30, 2011

Saturday Serving

I haven't had a Saturday Serving Post in a while so I thought
 I'd share with you what I made Saturday afternoon.

Pizza Ring

I use a can of the large crescent rolls and any of you fave pizza toppings.

I chose some taco meat, pepperoni, pepper jack cheese blend cheese, & black olives.

I opted out of using pizza sauce in these due to the messiness with the open parts
and a 7 yr old being involved.

Lay out each triangle and add items.

roll ends up over each other, pieces will fall out but just shove it back in.
Then position in a ring on sheet.

It obviously doesn't need to be perfect....

 Bake as croissants direct on package.

I added a bit of cheese on the top as well.
Can't have enough cheese right?

Plain piece served up for kiddo...

With pepperoncini's for me!!

Yummy!! ENJOY!!