Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine Memory Tote


I found this sweet valentine my son made for me when he was in Kindergarten.


Ya just gotta love the jagged edges from not knowing how to cut well
and the cute spelling his name down the side.

I decided to cherish it forever I would make it an iron on for a totebag.
Can ya ever really have enough totes?

First i had to trick it out a bit in Scrapbook Max!!

I printed it out on t-shirt transfer paper. I will iron it on a little tote.

My first try, we shall see how it works.

P.s. I tried and it sucked so I will be buying new transfer paper


  1. Thanks for the visit! Now following. I love the idea of putting the artwork on a tote. I have a ton of stuff the kids have made that I have saved, but it's all in a box under my bed!

  2. oh, and I love the name of your blog :)