Saturday, May 21, 2011

Squander Show Citations

As some of you know my sister blog Nikki's Nik-Nacks is holding a Salvage it Saturday linky well here is where I will post the....

The Best Part Of Believe 

This is the faves of the linky that week.
I know it sounds like it should be a bad thing but it's not!!

Putting a nice spin on words because we have put an even better spin on items that would have ended up garbage in a landfill.

So If you get featured here grab this button and display it proudly. Then when someone asks what the blue moon that means you can explain it. LOL

Last week I forgot to post my faves so here they are:

Made Duct Tape Flip Flops!!!! I'm in LOVE!!

I had to make my own even!! Here is mine!

Yes I have a seriously retarded toe!!

My other absolute fave is by:

Make It Sparkly Mama! Adding a Little Sparkle to Everyday Life!

Make It Yourself Miche Bag Cover

I don't have a Miche Bag but I am totally willing to get the basic now that I know I can make a MILLION COVERS!!! WOOOO HOOO!!

Thanks Ladies!


  1. Thank you for the feature :-)...and your flip flops turned out GREAT!!!