Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine's Necklace Tute


I have found I am having so much fun making these washer necklaces.

I adored this one so much but I ruined it when I tried to drill through the ribbon.
So I made an even bigger one. LOL I'll show ya at the end.

First take the washer of your choice. And prep the Dremel with right bit.

I wanted ajump ring on mine so that's why I'm doing this. As you can see below
You do not have to drill a hole, you can just string it on ribbon.

Choose your ribbon and add your jump ring.

Then you start wrapping.

Then add a strip of Liquid stitch to hold the end down, trim if needed.

Here is what the two look like I worked on today.

I loved these cute hearts so I wanted to add some deminsion to it.

I sprayed it with a top coat to make sure the hearts stay in place.

I think I may have my very first giveaway with one of these cuties!!
Do you think I should?

Thanks for stoppin by. I hope you like 'em!



  1. Very cute! It seems pretty simple too.

    Just found your blog through the blog hop! Have a great day.

    Amanda @

  2. very cute!!!
    HI I am Brooke and I am your newest follower!!! Hope you can come follow back! Brooke

  3. Adorable! New follower through the blog hop!

  4. How cool! Thanks for linking up today :)

  5. Those are really cute -- what a clever idea! I think they would make for a fun giveaway as well :-)


  6. I saw your post on Under the Table and Dreaming. Your necklaces are SO cute!!!

    Stephanie @

  7. Love your unique take on recycling washers into necklaces.

  8. super cute! found you on sew much ado :) Stop by sometime!

  9. D'you know, you're a better man than I, girl. I read this post with delight and totally plan on doing these pendants (my fabric of choice would be black lace which I have way too much of for some obscure reason!), but I just tiptoed out without having the decency to comment. I think your lovely, inspiring comment will serve as a proper kick up my backside in future! x

  10. Hey Nikki, I love everything about this, the simplicity, the price, the way it looks. My girl would love making this, and you made it look so darn easy.

    SO I HAD TO FEATURE YOU. Come check out your post in my new sidebar section, you will be there until next week girl.

    Thanks for linking up to **Amaze me August** @ Bella Before and After, I really appreciate the support girl.

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    Bella :)