Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Up-Sized a Cute Kids Outfit.

So I was shopping in the clearance section of K-mart yesterday.
I always see way cute outfits for girls that are like size 10.

Number 1... I am by no means a size 10 women's let alone a kid.
Number 2... Where are the big girl versions? So unfair!!

SO I took matters into my own hands.

Here is the outfit I totally died over!!



Did I mention that I really really want this?
Well I just so happened to have a spare black skirt I never wear and I needed just a skoash more material.

Well I chopped off the t-shirt & vest  part.

Then I cute the front and back of the skirt apart and spliced in two chunks of black on each side.

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Ok so I am a size 18/20. Yes I know I could do something about that.
Blah blah blah I hear it everyday in my head!! LOL

But I really think it turned out quite nice for a first run at ever re-doing anything.

I need to get more pics but I was in a hurry this morning trying to finish it up before work today.


  1. I say go for it!

    Stopping by via the Tuesday Hop to follow and to say hello. Come on by and visit.

  2. Love this so much! I am jealous

  3. 1. You do NOT look like an 18/20. More like a 5 or 8.
    2. I love the re-do! I always see clothes in the kids section that I want, too, but I never know how to re-do them. This is a fantastic idea for skirts!