Sunday, April 10, 2011

Earth Week Event 2011

You will notice a tab across the top of my page that says Earth Week. There are some things on that page I mentioned before the whole deal took off.
I had an idea to have an Earth Week Event at the hospital I work at because of the efforts the staff have made in recycling. Now I just hope the staff participates like I'd like them to. Hee hee

I made these reuseable coffee cozies out of a drop cloth (recycled)

 These will be for raffle prizes and participation gifts.

The logo that I ironed on is this:
This is the team I am a part of that handles recycling among many things in the hospital.

Here is our list of events for the week:

Here is one of my favorites!!

I will be handing these out at the movie night.

This is one of the posters I made.

These are the certificates I will be giving participants!! DUDE I WANT ONE!! LOL


I would like to thank the following for their Commercial use templates and items. Alot of these I had to e-mail a request so I appreciate their time and efforts.


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