Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mission Weekend Duuu-Duuu

SO.... my sweet sweet sweet Momma took my boy who is not only 7 yrs old but an extremely overactive ADHD 7 yr old for an entire week and 1 day. LOL
Yes I love my MOM so much I could burst right now.

Let's keep in mind a nice note of respect here: my mom had me when she was 30 I am currently 34.

Take a moment and relish in in the kudos I owe my mother!!

I'll get to this picture at the left in a moment! ( you get the title now?) 

I needed a break in a way that I am sure most moms can relate but it was just getting brutal not only for me but I'm sure for him too. I had started a new med for this crazy visual thing I have going on.
( Dr.'s think we are dealing with migraine issues here. Oh Joy!)
So I was irritable, plus I took on a HUGE project at work this past week so I was stressing like no tomorrow so I guarantee none of this was helping little kiddo & I. He was just getting on my every last stinking nerve. I am not joking. The tiniest stuff I swear was sending me over the edge. So fortunately spring break was this last week and my mom took him. They live about 40 miles away. So tomorrow we will head there for Easter Dinner & pick up my Bubba.(who I do miss BTW) He's got an amazing HOP themed basket the Eater Bunny put together for him.

My Dad works today so I have to make sure I get it in his truck before he heads home. So the bunny will get it there on time. I mean I would hate to have to explain that that Easter Bunny didn't know he was @ Granny's and delivered it to our house by mistake. Ugggg. I've had the Tooth Fairy fail before & that sucks.

Anyway....this amazing week with no kid was going to be a week of spectacular achievements. HA!

Hence the Mission Impossible Soundtrack!

I got diddly squat achieved. His room looks the egg-sact same as the it did when he left CHAOS! (did ya catch the bad Easter pun, sorry)

TODAY... will be done!! Bwaaa ahhh ahhh ahhh!! (I hope!)

I want to install the rain gutter bookshelves in his room and purge the toy box before he sees me do it. I need to wash his sheets and magically build a loft bunk bed so there is room. (the latter.. not happening) But a girl CAN DREAM!!

I also am on a Design Team I am so excited to be on. I had wanted to complete my first project and HELLO????? not done! Will be done today!

I also have to many creative juices flying in my head I can't wait to share them. But I must accomplish what needs done first.

Wish me luck. Pictures to come!!

P.S. Wonder where her kid gets that ADHD from ya suppose?

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  1. I'm wallowing in empathy here...a few illicit weeks of non-employment, and I don't seem to have accomplished diddly squat!