Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just a reminder....Free Glasses Tomorrow!!

I know you may think it's a joke! But I am 100% serious. I paid $16.63 for shipping and handling to get my glasses. Yes that isn't free but that also isn't $120 bucks for frames and $120 bucks for lenses.
My last pair at Wal-Mart cost me $186 total!

Check out the deal here!

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  1. Here's another GREAT place to get glasses online -- www.zennioptical.com I have ordered about 10 pair from them -- total cost per pair (that's lenses AND frames) starts at 8.95! Most of mine have been in the 8.95 - 15.95 range. I just ordered a pair of (gulp) bifocals: $45.00 and that's for the 'no line'! My doc wanted to charge me 248.00. I've ordered all of my kids' glasses there too. They walk you through reading your prescription and you can upload your pic so you can actually "try" the glasses on to see how they look. I always suggest ordering an 8.95 pair to make sure you're satisfied and then order more.