Saturday, May 14, 2011

Feature Blogger ~ Suzy's Artsy Craftsy Sitcom

I found this wonderful lady's site because like most of you I am a LINKY freak!!
I wanted one of those convenient pages that has all the linky parties listed...
Yeah my patience is NOT that long nor is my attention span.

I found Suzy!!YAY

She has a linky of linkies! OMG!!

Her Linky Party Library page is a daily hit for me.
I link up to all those listed there. it's an amazing collection anyone who has any sort of linky should link up cuz this is a seriously helpful tool!!

She also has some Way cool tutorials.
 I have wanted to try both of these for a LONG LONG time!
This year they will be happening.

Feature Friday- Paintbrush Santa Ornament Tutorial

Feature Friday- Popsicle Bracelets!

I think her blog is way cute and fun it's festive and bright. I love the whole thing!!

So stop by her Sitcom & show her some love and use her blog wisely it's
 an amazing tool that can help in crazy ways. LOL


  1. Wow, Nikki!
    Thanks so much for the awesome feature! You truly just made my day!


  2. I have found a couple of people with the BEST linky lists. I can always appreciate one more.
    If only I had time to join them all.

  3. Great Find. :O) I've enjoyed exploring your blog. :O) Love the Christmas count down. Glad you stopped by! Following you back!