Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2 Adults, 1 Seven yr Old & a 16 hour road trip!!!

My brain is fried, my body is exhausted, my family's pockets are drained.
I left last Friday for a road trip. Not of the "ohhh fun road trip" kind either.
Last Tuesday my Stepmother passed away, my Daddy has been gone since I was 19 so it was time to go through the house. I am so grateful my Uncle Jimmie is in charge of all of that stuff. He has all the hard work.


Thank you for being the best!!

I needed this though, I got the chance to mourn a bit more about my Dad. Plus the realization that they are both gone set in. I have some of my dads things now and I will be making a spot in my living room that is kind of my memorial spot. It won't be weird and creepy though.
I will show you when I have it done.
My Dad loved Emmet Kelley the Clown so I had painted him a picture a long time ago.

(this is not what I painted. This is just what he looks like)

 I have that and one of the statues he had and some pics of us together which are rare!!

I am excited to share with you all.

We did have some good times on the trip despite the fact of the circumstances. I will share those with you in the next few  days when I post the pics. I just wanted to let all my followers know where I disappeared to. LOL!

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